Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hey all.

This break has been really fun and I am glad I have gotten a chance to relax (hence why I haven't written ;)

Anyway... I thought I would share some pics of my new-ish cute haircut. I got it done when school was still going on but I havn't had time to blog about it in the middle of finals and other some such.

What do you think?!
This is when I first got it cut. The picture on the right has my hair in pigtails at the bottom and the other is just straight.

This is when I learned to style my hair... I LOVE IT!!
 Well that is all for now.... (this was probably my shortest post ever!)

Have a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A New Beginning - Part 5 (honeymoon)

This will be the last part to my new beginnings posts. This last part is about the honeymoon. I thought it would be nice to add this one in and tell where we went and where we stayed, and what we did during the day. I hope you like it.

After leaving in the car after the reception, we went back to my parent's house really quick to finish getting the last of our luggage for our trip. We had decided we wanted to go someplace not too far away because we didn't want to have most our time away spent in the car. We decided on going down to Saint George on our honeymoon and I have got to say it was very nice and warm down there. :)

After getting everything packed up, we said our goodbyes to the family members that were home at the time and headed out. It was already pretty late when we left so we were really glad we had booked a room at Best Western in Springville for our first night. The wedding day had been really long and we were both really tired by the time we got to springville.

I am not going into a lot of detail in this blog post like I did the last ones so all I am going to say about that night is that I am grateful I married a man who is very considerate, loving, kind, a good hugger, and a very funny and creative person. He is not afraid to try new things everyday and always goes out of his way to make things special for me. Thanks for all you do Sweetheart! I love you very much.

When we woke up the next morning we were told that there was breakfast down in the Maple room. It took us a bit to find the Maple room but once we did we had french toast and orange juice with maple syrup (of course). We then went back to our room and began packing things up because we needed to be out of there by noon.

Once we checked out, we went to a tire place really quick to check this nail that Kenny's brother, Tyler, had pointed out we had in our tire. We asked a man to look at it and he pulled it out telling us we were very lucky because it hadn't punctured the tube of the tire, just the exterior. With that done we were on the road.

Kenny had, being very smart, bought a road map and put it in the car for our trip. Kenny's mom and dad had also let us borrow their GPS so that we had a guarantee that we wouldn't get lost. We set our course on both map and GPS and zoom we were on our way.

One of the funny things about our trip down was that our car looked like this:
We had taken all the stickies off and the Oreo so that they wouldn't fly off and hit someone else's car while we were driving but the rest of it was there for the world to know. Got to LOVE family ;)

There were SO MANY people on the freeway that would see our car and, of course think it was so cute and, honk for us like it said. I don't know if I have jumped so many times in my life as that car trip down to Saint George made me. We stopped once to refuel somewhere and then again to eat some food in Ceder City. I think we stopped at an Arctic Circle and ate some food there and then took our drinks in the car with us. We also stopped to get some food at a smith's nearby because the room we had booked at the Chalet Motel in Saint George had a kitchenette where we could cook our own food and save us money from eating out. Once done with the shopping we continued on till me made it to the Chalet Motel.

We parked the car, went in to check in and then went in to see the place. at first we were in number 5 but we found out later that it had a broken TV and the lady in charge was kind enough to move us to the room upstairs (number 21 I think) which was the same as downstairs but had a fixed TV. We began the long process of getting things from the car, up the stairs, and into the room. It didn't take us too long but it was very nice and warm so it also didn't take us long to start sweating. Finally all moved in we sat down and I think took a nice long nap.

One of the days we were there, we decided we didn't want to be inside that day, so we decided to go out. We were going to go to pioneer park but we were having a difficult time finding it and found ourselves at this place instead:
This was NOT pioneer park

This was a place right next to pioneer park on the map but it was called the red hills! It was filled with, well, all these red hills and we had SO much fun exploring all of them. Here are some more pictures of our adventure:
Here we are
Peek-a-boo!                                          No!! Don't crush him!
There were lots of small holes...
Look how BUFF my husband is... aren't you jealous?!?
Lots of Rocks!
Sometimes the only things holding these rocks up were small stubs like these
I of course tried to be funny too...
After exploring we had done all the exploring was wanted to do (and after we had gotten so hot and sweaty) we retired back to our little room to make dinner and watch some TV. We watch alot of TV while in Saint George and I think we even rented a movie while we were down there. I believe we watch Angels and Demons on my laptop (because the TV didn't have a DVD player) but it was still a great movie.

One of the other nights, we went out in the car to take it for a wash (so that people wouldn't honk at us anymore!!). We found a car wash that it was a Do-It-Youself kind of wash and we had so much fun. Kenny and I would take turns using the coin operated soap sponge and the jets of water. Kenny laughed alot every time I would *squeak* letting the jet of water out of the hose hit the car and send me flying back into the wall (it was a very strong jet of water!).

After the car was all clean we had packed a picnic dinner with a Martinelli's bottle and some wine glasses that someone had given to me as a bridal shower gift (can't remember exactly whose gift it was). Kenny had also made some sandwiches and some other stuff for our picnic dinner and we actually ate it on some street corner bench because where Kenny had seen some tables and chairs outside, we found as we got closer, that they were chained together so we couldn't sit in them. I liked the bench just fine though because it was a nice night and it was nice to be outside.

We spend Sunday at a church in Saint George that we looked up on It was a married ward and everyone was so nice to us. We explained we had just gotten married and were on our honeymoon and everyone was so excited for us. We found that alot of the lessons were on the temple and what the day of our marriage was like. This was cool to me because I had just had that day not too long ago. Everyone else had brought a picture, in Relief Society, of them and their husbands on their wedding day but I didn't have a picture with me to put up which made me a little sad but it was cool for me to see all these people I didn't know and their husbands looking so happy in front of the temple on their wedding day!

We left Saint George early Monday morning and were headed home to my parents house (since we didn't get into our place for another 2-3 days) when Kenny's brother, Tyler, called wondering if we wanted to join him and his wife, Rozan's family at Lake Powell for a couple of days! I had never been to Lake Powell so I really was excited to go. It would be another 5 hours or so in the car till we got there but both Kenny and I were up for it. We plotted the course on the GPS as best we could (we couldn't get and exact location on it because we didn't have an address and the GPS didn't know what Lake Powell part we wanted) but mostly relied on the map.

Instead of going all the way back up I-15 to get to the right road, we took some detours (smaller, less known roads on the map) and one of the detours lead us right through Capitol Reef National Park which was beautiful! I got lots of pictures of the drive to Lake Powell but here are some of my favorites:

On the Road!
There were some really cool rocks...        There was this interesting orange river...
Some cool rocks that looked like castles...
I LOVE clouds!
It even rained on us a little bit!
Capitol Reef had some cool rocks
More cool rocks
Love the structures!
Pretty Colors in the Rocks!
These look like cannons, don't they? They were taking out the mountain on the other side!!

Once we got out of the National park we were about half way to Lake Powell. Once we got closer we were on this one road for a really long time! While on this road we saw this cloud:
and then we went through the cloud and got completely dumped on!! It was so much fun! We could hardly see out the front window and we had to have the windshield wipers on full power and speed! We got very wet:
This is another storm to the side and this is our wet windshield!!
 We only had to drive a little bit more before we made it to Lake Powell. One cool thing was that Kenny's brother Tyler was RIGHT in front of us once we got on the stormy road. We actually passed Kenny's sister-in-law, Rozann,'s dad's truck and we were driving in between the two cars ^-^.

At last we were at Lake Powell and it was a beautiful sight!! I had never been to Lake Powell before and it was all so pretty. We went on Boat rides and went swimming in the water. We even went jumping off this big rock!! We slept in a trailer on the big mattress in the back! It was really warm that night which made it a little hard to sleep but once I was out then I was fine. 
Look how pretty the water is!!
Here we all are. Me, Kenny, Tyler, and Robbie (Rozann's brother)... I believe Robbie is the one jumping off
Here Kenny and I Go!
Here we go again!!

Tubing was fun!! Kenny even stood up. We don't have a picture of it but we made a pyramid next and I was on the top!
We jumped off some of these rocks!
Exploring was great!!
More Exploring!
We boated some more in the morning, not as much as the day before, but we did some. We explored every nook and cranny we could till it was time to head out. They drove us back up to where our car was and on the way there we hit a really big bump and accidentally knocked the fire extinguisher off its hook. It happened to fall right on one of the metal posts that help level the trailer out and it exploded!! Kenny very heroically and without a moment's notice grabbed it opened the door of the trailer and chucked it out the back. There was a lot of power in the air from it and both he and I were coughing up a storm. We needed to get out fast. I already had my head out the window but Kenny had no place to get air. He went and pounded on the front of the trailer to get the attention of Tyler and Rozann's dad to stop the car. They heard us and stopped and Kenny jumped out gasping and coughing and I still stayed in with my head out the window. I didn't want to go back in to get to the door so I could get out so I stayed at the window till Tyler came in and convinced me to come out.

We cleaned up the mess as best we could and then made the rest of the trip back to the car. Once there, we said our goodbyes and made our way home. We were so sunburned from the day before that when we got home to my parent's house, nobody was allowed to touch us because we hurt that badly. 

Well that is the story of the adventures we had on our honeymoon and that concludes my, "A New Beginning" parts. I will now have regular blog posts about current day things. I hope you enjoyed my new beginnings and that you will continue to read all my normal blog posts that I will post after this. 

Thanks and Enjoy!