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A New Beginning - Part 4 (Wedding!)

Alright all! Those of you who have been reading all the other parts have now made it to the main point I wanted to get to in the beginning! Thanks for following me through the journey and I hope you like this next part.
A few things I want to point out are:
  1. Our apartments complex (cinnamon tree)'s contract ran out on the 13th of August
  2. We didn't get married till the 17th.
  3. We couldn't get into our new apartment till the 24th
So I bet you are wondering... what did we do?! Well first I would like to thank my mom and dad for letting us stay (in separate rooms before the wedding) in their lovely home. Kenny stayed with my brother Thomas (upstairs) and I stayed with my cousin Stephanie (downstairs in my old room and bed).

Second I would like to thank my fiance (now my wonderful Husband) for having such set boundaries while we stayed at my parents. I know that if we hadn't had those boundaries, those couple of days before the wedding would have been very hard.

While we stayed at my families there was so much happening. My dad was rigging the cultural hall in our church building to look like it was really outside (because Kenny and I wanted our reception outside but since it would be August my parents knew it would be hot and they convinced us to do it inside on the condition that my dad try to make it look like outside. I think he did a great job!
He borrowed lots of tree to help with the illusion of the whole reception being outside too!
He strung wires, dark fabric, and lights so that they would look like stars and added candles that would light up in water for the center pieces

He borrowed a lighted gazebo that we put the cake in and then we had these lights that lined the whole walkway into the the cultural hall.
So now that I have given you a seek peek into what the reception looked like, I should probably fill in the rest. Before our contracts ran out at Cinnamon tree, I found out from my mom that the woman who was going to make my dress couldn't do it anymore and had dropped the material off at my parents. My mom then went into frantic mode trying to find someone to make it and she found someone that lived in Salem. We brought the material to her and the design (that my friend Sarah drew as I explained how I wanted it to her) and then she told us how much she would charge and how many times I would need to come in for fittings and then I was quickly measured and that was that. I then saw her everyday for a week and at the end of the week she had it done and I was able to take it home (along with an underskirt that she let me borrow to make he dress poof out more).
Design to reality! Thanks to Sarah who did the design and to Debbi who make the design come to life!
After I had the dress my mom wanted my older sister Laura to take my bridals but she was so busy the day my mom wanted them so my sister Jessie took me and my Maid of Honor (Sarah) to do my bridals. We went down in the river-bottoms by some nice rocks, the river, and little pond. She took some of me and sarah in our bridesmaid's outfits (or my get-away-dress as I liked to call it) and then I did a quick change at the car into my wedding dress and took some more pictures. Here were some of my favorites.
This is me in my "get-away-dress" and my Maid of honor... she is so ready to get married ;P
We tried a veil that the dress maker gave me but we ended up ditching it. (but I think after looking at the pictures it didn't look too bad :P)
My sister is a really good photographer.... :)
We did it kind of late at night so it was starting to get dark but it actually added a cool glow to the pictures
So the morning of the wedding it was Chaos! I woke up to my best friend Sarah in my face. I had slept in maybe half an hour and Sarah had just made it there to do my hair. I sprang from my bed and hurried to get dressed so that Sarah could do my hair. I got all dressed and Sarah was wicked quick with the hair duo (we had practiced many times before so we could get it better and better as well as faster and faster each time we did it). I made sure Kenny had the rings and the marriage license as well as his recommend and that I had my recommend. We then went out to get in the car. Kenny and I drove up together and we made sure we had directions to get to the Jordan River Temple. We chose the Jordan River because my parents got married in it, as well as my sister, and that got me curious as to what it looked like on the inside (plus it was pretty on the outside). We made it to the temple in time and found my parents and went it to let the temple workers know we were there.

I can't say much about the actual wedding because it is sacred to me and I the only place I would be willing to discuss it would be in the temple so I am going to skip ahead to right before we were going to come out of the temple to all our adoring fans.

This was the time I got to change into my wedding dress. The fun thing about the wedding dress was that I kept it a secret from Kenny. He wasn't at my fittings, or my bridals, and he didn't even get to see the sketch; so when I came out all dressed, it was a total surprise to him. I don't know what his side of what he was feeling when I came out, but I know I saw a smile and almost a look of confirmation on his face like: "Yes this is happening" and "I hope I picked the right girl!" :P jk. My mom, who came out with me, told us to wait back a little and to let her get out so she could prep everyone. As we waited, I glanced over to the side and noticed a mirror next to us. Everyone did a good job of getting me ready and I found that with me standing next to Kenny, it felt right, like we fit. It was then time to go out of the temple and meet everyone. Here are some pictures of our coming out:

After all the pictures of us coming out, we got lots of hugs of congratulations and then it was time to take all the family photos. Here are some of my favorites:
Everybody from both extended families(aren't they silly :P)
Kenny;s extended family is on the left and mine is on the right. (we now have a huge family!)
Kenny's immediate family is on the left and mine is on the right.
Look at Kenny's siblings(left) compared to mine(right)! My family can never have a serious picture...
After all the family pictures, we sent them to the luncheon and then we took some with bridesmaids and groomsmen:
Me and my bridesmaids.... they are already trying to get on Kenny's good side (kissing up to Kenny)
Man ... he is.... sooo.... heavy!!!!
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
Aren't my brother/brother-in-laws/husband funny?? (if you can't tell... my nephew is upside-down!?)
After all those pictures we then sent them to the luncheon and went off with our photographer, Lani (my cousin), and took some wedding pictures of our own. Again, some of my favorites:

Showing off the rings
Contemplating the day...
In front of the temple!

This post is now getting really long but I do want to thank my mother in law and her sister for a great luncheon!

I would also like to thank my Daddy and siblings for helping to create the magic of the Reception. It was beautiful!

Here are some extra fun pictures I wanted to add from the luncheon, the reception, and at the temple, but after that, that is all for this part. I will then put up a couple of pictures from the honeymoon and tell where we went. Enjoy!





Garter and bouquet

              At the temple:
Fun with a bench

Stay tuned for the next part! CYA

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