Friday, August 10, 2012

And were having a .......

Well in the last post I showed you the pictures of us finding out we were having a baby and now I get to proudly pronounce what kind of baby that is! Are you ready?!?

Here are some pictures that we got from the ultrasound to help you see if you can figure it out:

Here are the legs... they are crossed :D so cute!

There's an arm... do you see it?

Here is a full picture of the baby. Looks almost like it wants a hug :D

Here is the last picture that we got before finding out.
I didn't want to upload the "find out" pictures so that the baby could have some privacy. hope you don't mind :D. So, do you have a guess yet as to what the baby is? Well if you don't that's ok too cuz i will tell you.

We are having a .....


It will be so fun to have a little boy running around the house. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. I have my twenty week ultrasound in two weeks from today so hopefully we can determine just how big he is and when we will be blessed to come into our lives.

Have a great day!