Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Beginning - Part 1 (meeting)

Hey all.

So I lied about writing often... Life got crazy and I really didn't have time. As it is I am writing this slightly before and during a class ^-^.

But like I said so much has happened and I want to make you all aware of it.

First off... I got MARRIED! Crazy huh? But it is true. I found my prince charming and he swooped me right up! :) His name is Kenny Moake and he is the sweetest man you will ever meet.
*don't worry about his angry face... we decided that he was just being protective (he doesn't remember why he was making that face ^-^)

The one thing I really love about my Husband is that he doesn't ever want to do anything to hurt me. He also is very faithful in the gospel and therefore makes things like the temple, church, conference, etc a big priority! It is nice to have someone to help me to do better at making those priorities.

Many of you may not know the story of how we met, engagement, and the wedding so let me catch you up!
Kenny and I met April 30th at the ward temple trip. I moved in April 25th to this apartment complex in Provo that Kenny apparently had been living at for the past year. I showed up at the lobby and there were 6 boys and me going on the trip. They started to divide out who was endowed and who wasn't and I was the only one who wasn't endowed. The person in charge decided that I shouldn't have to go do baptisms by myself so they asked if two of the boys would go with me. The two that went were Devon and Kenny. At this point I didn't know Kenny and actually referred to him to Devon as "the other guy" when I asked where he went.

When we got out of the temple the other guys who had given us a ride were still in a session so Devon called his sister to come get us. While he was calling I took out my camera and was taking pictures of some of the flowers on the temple grounds and Kenny asked me if I liked taking pictures of flowers. I told him I did. He asked me for my name and I told him and then I asked for his name and he told me. We were now friends.

I went to church that first Sunday not with Kenny but with this other guy named Bryan. He drove me to church, since it was a little far, in his orange bug which was pretty cool, and continued to be my guide throughout the day. I feel bad for Byran but I didn't really like him in the way that it seemed he liked me... he was a nice guy but I actually kept looking for Kenny out of the corner of my eye. I saw him in sacrament meeting and wished I could have sat by him throughout the whole meeting. I then saw him in Sunday school but Bryan directed me to sit somewhere else. Then instead of Relief Society we were combined because it was the first Sunday for some of us in this ward. Byran had me sit by him there too and I actually don't remember seeing Kenny because I was filling out a "new person" sheet and trying to get to know the bishop and his counselors. After church got out I didn't want to go home with Bryan so I found some guys that were walking and told Byran I was going to walk home with them because it was a nice day out. Little did I know that I was walking home with Kenny's roommates. We got introductions and everything and talked for a bit and then we got home.

Through out the week I got invited by either Kenny or Kenny's roommates (not sure which) over to their place for big game nights. I got to know Kenny better and wanted to hang out more. So at one of the game nights after a lot of people left, I stay longer and one night there came up that Kenny didn't know one of his roommates (Richard's) phone number and I jumped at the chance to fix that. Kenny's phone was sitting on the table charging so I stole it and then asked for Richard's phone which he replied "Yes, Ma'am" and handed his phone right over. I added their numbers to each others phone and then sneakily I added both their numbers to mine and added mine to theirs.

I now had a means of getting a hold of him when I wanted and he had a way of getting to me, which came in handy when I was bored just sitting in my apartment. I would some days text him asking if he was bored and wanted to come do a puzzle at my place (since we had been at his place the whole time). He liked that idea because it was always so noisy at his place so he came over and we did some puzzles. The first puzzle we started that summer was one that had snow in it ^-^ but that was the only puzzle I had at the time. I got more from later from my mom who decided I needed more puzzles.

Doing puzzles at my apartment and games at his turned into playing volleyball, frisbee, and many other things together. It was then one Sunday night that we were sitting inside doing a puzzle. It was a rainy day so we were glad to be inside for a little while. As we were doing this puzzle Kenny asked me at about 5 minutes to midnight if I would come sit on the couch with him and he put his arms around me and asked me if it was ok if he did that. I told him it was ok and we just sat there, for the last five minutes that he could be in my apartment, like that and it felt nice. I really liked his touch and how gentle he seemed to be. He was very good at not being overly touchy but had just enough to make me feel all warm inside. He then realized the time and he was like "Dang, why can I never plan this right!" I then wished that we had another hour. It felt right sitting there in his arms and I wished it didn't have to end.

Kenny then asked me as I walked him to the door if I wanted to go on a walk because he didn't want to leave me just yet. I of course agreed and we went out into the rainy night. We went for a walk with his arm around me. And we kept asking ourselves how we got to that point. We had met maybe a little over a week ago and now we were walking arm in arm on a dark rainy night. We got to a stoplight and hugged while we waited to cross and when we got to a point on the walk where Kenny decided was a good place to pause we hugged again and Kenny admitted to me that he liked me and so I admitted to him that I liked him and the funny thing was was that we both found ourselves asking each other why we liked each other, why we had chosen them specifically. And none of us knew the answer, we just had a feeling. He then walked me home and game me a hug and bid me good night.

Well that is how we met and eventually started dating. I will continue the story of how we began dating in part 2 of this post but I have already taken too much time to write this out when I probably should have been doing homework (since it is conference weekend I don't have as much time to do homework.) I hope I can write the next post soon but we will see. Life is crazy and I never know what is coming next.

To be continued.... look for part 2 of A New Beginning.


  1. HOORAY!!!! I am so proud of you, and even though I already know the story, I loved reading it!!! You two are so cute!

  2. oh goodness! i knew the summary but now i finally got to read the full version! :D i agree with Jessie: cute ;)