Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Updates, Updates, and More Updates

Hi everyone...

Just thought I would inform you all about my doctors appointment yesterday and what will be happening.

I went in yesterday and found out I had not progressed any further in the week and a half since I had last seen them. How frustrating is that!! Anyway, we were told that they would not allow my to be pregnant after 41 weeks (this Friday) and that I would need to be scheduled for an induction that day.

Me, I don't want to have an induction unless it is absolutely necessary so we found that they could do a natural labor induction called Membrane Stripping that might help me along. for those who want to read about it you can go here (you will have to scroll down a little till you find the section)... for all those who would rather not know the details you don't have to. That is why I linked it rather than telling everyone.

So they did that and told me to come back in on Thursday to get rechecked and re-stripped of my membranes but that I would need to get on the schedule for induction if nothing more had really happened by Thursday's appointment.

We are REALLY hoping something happens before Thursday or even before Friday (with the second stripping from Thursday) so that we don't have to be induced. But either way... we WILL be having a baby this week which is very exciting and at the same time... very frightening...

Wish us luck!

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