Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Guess What!!!! We're Pregnant!!

Hey all!! Kenny and I just found out wonderful news May 14th. But let me backtrack a little and tell you the story.

On May 3, which happens to be my BESTEST friend's birthday, I had to go to the doctors cuz I wasn't feeling very well. I went in and they poked around on my stomach and found I was tender over my appendix. They immediately sent me to the hospital to rule it out with a CT scan and some blood work. I won't go into too much detail of my experience there. The main point I wanted to hit was when I was going into the CT scan room. I had been noticing signs around telling me that I needed to let the doctor know if there was any way I could be pregnant. So I did. The checked me right then and there with a blood test because I wouldn't be able to do the CT scan if I was. I had to wait awhile but he came back and told me I was negative.

Well long story short. I didn't have anything wrong with my appendix and I was able to go to work.

Well my cycle was suppose to start up on that Sunday, the 6th, and it didn't start. In fact by Saturday, I was a little rattled. The doctor at the hospital had told me I wasn't pregnant and here I was missing my cycle. Kenny and I decided it was time for a home test.

The first one came back positive... but I wasn't convinced. We had a long day on saturday (and I was sick with this stupid virus I still have now that makes me cough, sneeze, have a sore throat, not be able to breath out my nose, and lose my voice) so I waited till that night to do another. This one also came back positive. Kenny was content with two and was already starting to get excited. But I needed more convincing. I waited an entire day, till Sunday night, to do one final one and it came out the most positive out of them all.

We wanted to tell everyone on Mother's day (which was Sunday) but the doctor's office didn't open till Monday. So we waited to get the confirmation Monday morning (yesterday) before hatching the plan to tell everyone.

We got my mom a mother's day card that said Grandma at the top. The contents then said, "Sorry I couldn't be there for mother's day but could you do one little thing for me.... Give yourself a great big hug! Love you, Happy Mother's day!" and then Kenny finished it off with the text, "From your newest grandchild. See you around January 11th"

Using this card was the best. I gave it to my family first and then borrowed it to show it on the screen for my Mother-in-Law and my sister.

Best Mother's day gift I think I could have given them :)

I have now had two visits to my doctor where I got this picture at 10 weeks:

and got to really hear a loud and strong heartbeat. I am 13 weeks and 5 days right now and we should find out the gender around August, but for right now I am content knowing I have someone growing inside me that I love very much :).

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